Oak Anderson has developed a unique knowledge base in the area of international security, protection and safety through decades of work in the private sector. He was a certified trainer in non-deadly force personal protection, is trained in active shooter response, executive protection, identifying and handling suspicious packages, self-applied protective measures, and kidnap avoidance.

Oak has been deployed for body guarding, protective driving, undercover intelligence, and other security details, also liaising with federal authorities on airport security related investigations.

It is these life experiences that Oak has used to let his imagination craft unique crime thrillers that leave readers thinking, couldn't that really happen and challenge the thin line between a civil society and criminal anarchy.

He is the co-author, with Joseph DiFrancesco, of the much anticipated crime thriller, ON THIS DAY, book #1 in the Homeland Thriller Series.

Oak authored the Best Kindle Book Awards semi-finalist, and Amazon best selling novel, TAKE ONE WITH YOU, as well as TOWY Episodes #1 ABOUT FACE, and #2 DEAD EVEN.